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Posted by Aardvark Platform Team on 2018-08-21

New features of 4.2.*

Next version is a big one... Showing 106 files with 10,950 additions and 3,366 deletions. diff

Mapped direct mode for render controls

So called mapped render controls significantly improve performance for clients running on localhost (works via krauthaufens node plugin (github) using memory mapped files for inter process communication and heavily krauthaufen tuned image download mechanisms).

aardium doesn ot hook global events labelledinputs screenshots

Smooth new camera controller

We introduced two new events: preRender and onRendered for render controls. Pre render is invoked immediately before rendering takes place and can be used as point for performing interpolation on animated data. onRendered on the other hand can be used to trigger animations instead of utilizing the ThreadPool. In this course we implemented a new camera controller which runs much smoother, mainly due to correct interpolation for user inputs (no sampled jitter of inputs vs rendering frequency). Thus:

  • the old camera controller is obsolete (the module is marked as such)
  • we implemented a smooth free fly camera controller residing in Aardvark.UI.Primitives.FreeFlyController. Note that it returns ThreadPool.empty instead of timed stuff for animations.
  • a new example shows the parameters.

    Image of Yaktocat

    The code is really beautiful and is an excellent example of composable functional programming, here in the domain of signal processing.

    We use a differentiated type: type CameraMotion = { dPos : V3d; dRot : V3d; dMoveSpeed : float; dZoom : float; dPan : V2d; dDolly : float } which provides functions for multiplying scalars, a zero element and a function for applying the delta to the state (seealso)[].

The real integration (with support for long frames looks as such):

let look (state : CameraControllerState) =
    if state.targetPhiTheta <> V2d.Zero then

        let rr = (state.freeFlyConfig.lookAtConstant + abs state.targetPhiTheta.Y * state.freeFlyConfig.lookAtDamping) * float (sign (state.targetPhiTheta.Y))
        let ru = (state.freeFlyConfig.lookAtConstant + abs state.targetPhiTheta.X * state.freeFlyConfig.lookAtDamping) * float (sign (state.targetPhiTheta.X))

        { CameraMotion.Zero with
             dRot = V3d(rr, ru, 0.0)
let step = Integrator.rungeKutta (fun t s -> move s + look s + pan s + dolly s + zoom s)
Integrator.integrate 0.0166666 step model dt

and krauthaufens beautiful integration module:

module Integrator = 

    let inline private dbl (one) = one + one    
    let inline rungeKutta (f : ^t -> ^a -> ^da) (y0 : ^a) (h : ^t) : ^a =
        let twa : ^t = dbl LanguagePrimitives.GenericOne
        let half : ^t = LanguagePrimitives.GenericOne / twa
        let hHalf = h * half    
        let k1 = h * f LanguagePrimitives.GenericZero y0
        let k2 = h * f hHalf (y0 + k1 * half)
        let k3 = h * f hHalf (y0 + k2 * half)
        let k4 = h * f h (y0 + k3)
        let sixth = LanguagePrimitives.GenericOne / (dbl twa + twa)
        y0 + (k1 + twa*k2 + twa*k3 + k4) * sixth    
    let inline euler (f : ^t -> ^a -> ^da) (y0 : ^a) (h : ^t) : ^a=
        y0 + h * f LanguagePrimitives.GenericZero y0    
    let rec integrate (maxDt : float) (f : 'm -> float -> 'm) (m0 : 'm) (dt : float) =
        if dt <= maxDt then
            f m0 dt
            integrate maxDt f (f m0 maxDt) (dt - maxDt) 

Improved implementation of SubApps

An almost complete rewrite of the UI updater module allows us to use nested subapps with the full power of

Screenshots for free

F12 now lets you download a screenshot of your focused render control.

In the next aardium version

  • aardium no longer globally hooks F10/F11/F5 which collides with visual studio shortcuts
  • screenshot mechanism for aardium windows

Breaking changes

  • extractAttributes lost a useless parameter: CameraController.extractAttributes : MCameraModel -> (CameraController.Message -> 'msg) -> amap<string,AttributeValue<'msg>>
  • CameraController module is deprecated


  • mouseEvents get double values instead of integers in order to reflect (e.g. clientX)

Minor stuff

  • MutableApp now again provides updateSync
  • labelFloatInput provides lightweight input mechanism for floating point stuff in your models. (also used in camera controller app)